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Tetsuya Komuro joined RIKEN AIP Music Information Intelligence Team as Senior Visiting Scientist.New content: Wild Birds in Fukushima by the National Institute for Environmental Studies.3 new iPad apps released and 1 re-released.Featured in TV Tokyo’s “Tankyu no kaidan”.Musician Tetsuya Komuro… (READ MORE)


VR concert experience SoundScopePad provides an active music listening experience using AI, virtual reality (VR), and spatial acoustics. Users can find the performer that they want to hear and focus on them by emphasizing their performance. RIKEN’s SoundScopePad provides an… (READ MORE)

Cast (MusicScopePad): MAI (ELEVENPLAY) 紹介映像からのキャプチャー映像


Video exploration using AR MusicScopePad is a tool for quickly finding a desired video by playing multiple videos at the same time in AR space. You can explore videos using AI, augmented reality (AR), and spatial sound. RIKEN’s MusicScopePad is… (READ MORE)


Melody variation switcher MelodySlotMachineHD is an application that allows you to experience the possibilities of generating melodies using music structures while playing a slot machine. RIKEN’s MelodySlotMachineHD is an application developed by RIKEN towards the integration of music and AI…. (READ MORE)


The Sound Scope Phone introduces a new way of listening to music that enables you to focus on the part you want to listen to simply by facing the corresponding section and putting your hand on your ear.


Melody Slot Machine features a dial interface which enables users to select a melody from multiple variations to generate a new combination melody.



The GTTMeditor app is an editor used to analyze music structure. The app enables users to view music score files in MusicXML format and edit the time-span tree in GTTM theory.

BandNavi HD

Band-member-backtracking BandNavi has been developed that enables a user to discover new songs and bands by tracing musicians who have played in different bands. BandNavi HD enables you to find new bands and musics from relations between musicians. Member changing,… (READ MORE)

Melody Slot Machine

An interactive music system that provides an experience of manipulating a music performance


The 15th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research Theme: AI Era 15-19 November 2021 https://www.cmmr2021.gttm.jp/


Manual time-span generation tool (2018) 国際会議論文 [PDF] [GTTM] [分析データ・ツール] Masatoshi Hamanaka, Keiji Hirata, Satoshi Tojo: “GTTM Database and Manual Time-span Tree Generation Tool”, Proceedings of the 15th Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC2018), pp.462-467, July 2018. [PDF] [GTTM] [分析データ・ツール] Masatoshi Hamanaka, Keiji… (READ MORE)


国際会議論文 [GTTM] [演奏支援] Nami Iino, Mayumi Shimada, Takuichi Nishimura, Hideki Takeda, Masatoshi Hamanaka: “Proposal of an Annotation Method for Integrating Musical Technique Knowledge Using a GTTM Time-Span Tree”, Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling (MMM2019), Lecture Notes in Computer… (READ MORE)

deep GTTM

International conference paper [LINK] [GTTM] [deepGTTM] Masatoshi Hamanaka, Keiji Hirata and Satoshi Tojo: “Time-span Tree Leveled by Duration of Time-span”, the 15th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR2021), pp.155-164, November 2021. [PDF] [GTTM] [Deep GTTM] Masatoshi Hamanaka, Keiji… (READ MORE)

Structures of films

References [PDF] Seiko Takeuchi, Masatoshi Hamanaka, Junichi Hoshino: “Method of structuring a film based on the Generative Theory of Tonal Music”, IPSJ Special Interest Group on Human Computer Interaction, 2015-HCI-162, No. 6, 8 pages, March 2015. [PDF] [Structures of films] [exGTTM] Seiko Takeuchi, Masatoshi Hamanaka: “Structure… (READ MORE)

Masatoshi Hamanaka

About (en)

Masatoshi Hamanaka received PhD degree from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, in 2003. He is currently a leader of Music Information Intelligence team in Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, RIKEN. His research interest is in music information technology, biomedical and unmanned aircraft systems…. (READ MORE)

Researches- Drone


Researches- Drug discovery


Separation of music signal sources

This  research  proposes  a  method  to  separate  polyphonic music signal into  signals of  each  musical instrument by NMF: Non-negative Matrix Factorization based on preservation of spectrum envelope.

Music Analysis based on Implication-Realization Model

We propose a melody generation system based on the Implication-Realization Model (IRM) of music theory. The IRM is a music theory, which was proposed by Eugene Narmour. The IRM abstracts music. It then expresses music according to symbol sequences based… (READ MORE)

Guitarist Simulator: Learning-based jam session system

This paper describes a jam session system that enables a human player to interplay with virtual players which can imitate the player personality models of various human players. Previous systems have parameters that allow some alteration in the way virtual… (READ MORE)

Fingering Simulator: Guitar fingering estimation from monophony

Fingering Simulator optimizes guitar fingering of monophony by using physical simulator called Springhead2. Unlike most previous guitar fingering optimization systems focusing on moving distances, our method deals with the torque of the finger joints. Experimental results showed that the maximum… (READ MORE)

Concert Viewing Headphones

We designed concert scope headphones that are equipped with a projector, an inclination sensor on the top of the headphones, and a distance sensor on the outside right headphone. We previously developed sound scope headphones that enable users to change… (READ MORE)