Music Scope Headphones: Natural user interface for selection of music

This paper describes a novel audio only interface for selecting music which enables us to select songs without having to click a mouse. Using previous music players with normal headphones, we can hear only one song at a time and we thus have to play pieces individually to select the one we want to hear from numerous new music files, which involves a large number of mouse operations. The main advantage of our headphones is that they detect natural movements, such as the head or hand moving when users are listening to music and they can focus on a particular musical source that they want to hear. By moving their head left or right, listeners can hear the source from a frontal position as the digital compass detects the change in the direction they are facing. By looking up or down, the tilt sensor will detect the change in the face’s angle of elevation; they can better hear the source that is allocated to a more distant or closer position. By putting their hand behind their ear, listeners can adjust the focus
sensor on the headphones to focus on a particular musical source that they want to hear.


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