BandNavi HD


BandNavi has been developed that enables a user to discover new songs and bands by tracing musicians who have played in different bands.

BandNavi HD enables you to find new bands and musics from relations between musicians.

Member changing, featuring, collaboration, etc. are common in bands. Moreover some musicians have relations with many bands in the case that a support member gives a performance, a composer offers a music, or a guest musician appears at a live and so on.

You can find new bands and musics by iteratively tracing such relational networks with BandNavi HD.

How to use

  1. After launching app, you’ll see the music info being played on your iPad in the left “Library” pane. You can also select another music here.
  2. Tap “Start Navi” button to display the list of musicians in the right “Navi” pane. They are the members of the band who is playing the music.
  3. If you like to know about any other band, enter the band name in the “Search” tab. Tap one of the results, then the list of musicians will be displayed in the “Navi” tab.
  4. Tap a musician’s name in the “Navi” pane, then the list of the bands in which the musician has been involved will be shown next.
  5. Musician >Band > Musician > Band … You can trace the relations one after another.
  6. The indicator bar after a band or musician name represents the degree of confidence, which is calculated in our own peculiar way.
  7. When you get interested a band, you can search video clips of the band in YouTube or their music in iTunes Music Store by tapping the Option button shown on the side of the band name. If you have some music of the band, you can also open the music library any time by tapping the button.
  8. If you want to know the data sources of a member, tap the Option button shown on the side of the member name.
  9. In the “Link” tab, you’ll see the link graph of the selected band or musician. (Depending on the number of data, it may take a long time to display it.)
  10. Red nodes represent bands, blue nodes represent musicians. Light-colored nodes means that they are terminal nodes with no other links.
  11. Using “Num of Links” slider, the number of links the band or musician has can be changed. Using “Density” slider, You can change the appearance of the graph.

About this application

・This application connects to the database server. It is NOT possible to use this application without the network environment.
・The band member information is collected from various web pages by using a web mining technology. Therefore, collected information sometimes includes mistakes. You can confirm which web pages gave the member names from the Option Button(>) shown on the side of the member name.
・When the server doesn’t have member names, the member names from the MusicBrainz database will be shown.
・BandNavi HD has been developed as a part of a research. Please check our web site for more fine information of the research. 


・Artist names in your iPad will be sent to the server automatically (the sent data won’t saved in the server).
・The band member names shown in this application are collected by the automatic collection technique from web pages, thus we do NOT ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information which shown in this application.
・The complaint of any damage that occurs by using BandNavi HD or using its information (buying music in iTunes Music Store, etc.) is not accepted.

Privacy Policy for the app
The application support and the development of BandNaviHD, BandNavi are succeeded from Music Information Technology Laboratory of University of Tsukuba, to Music Information Intelligence Team of Riken. The app is released by NewForestar Co.,Ltd.