Dial-based melody generator

Melody Slot Machine features a dial interface which enables users to select a melody from multiple variations to generate a new combination melody.
Melody Slot Machine is an application developed by RIKEN towards the integration of music and AI. You can create new melody combinations by rearranging melody variations using slot dials. When the composer composes melody variations, the structure of the melody is analyzed using a theory of music known as generative theory of tonal music (GTTM). Even if the melody switches to another variation in the middle, the structure will not be disrupted. You can expand the possibilities of composition with Melody Slot Machine.

– Dial operation

By rotating the dials similar to a slot machine, you can select a melody from multiple variations. The dial scrolls to the left as the performance progresses, and the leftmost dial on the screen represents the score of the performance currently being played.

– Grid tile operation

The horizontal grid tiles below the dials show the dial changes throughout the song. Swipe up to expand and use the elongated grid tile.  

– Melody shuffle

When you shake your iPhone, all the dials rotate simultaneously, similar to when you pull the lever on a slot machine and stop at a random combination.

– Song selection / Part switching

You can select a song by pressing the musical note button. For songs containing multiple parts, you can press the button to switch between parts.

– Development history

The Music Information Intelligence Team, part of the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, is exploring potential new ways of creating and listening to music using AI. The Melody Slot Machine is an example of next-generation music production and consumption in which AI automatically analyzes the structure of a melody and resynthesizes a new melody using the obtained structure. We aim to support composers in projects that require many variations, such as in movies and games.
The app is available to the public to gauge the overall interest in such a method of music creation. We ask that users the app who are prompted to fill out a questionnaire to please submit their responses. We plan to add songs in the future. If you are interested in the app and technology, please contact us from below.

Privacy Policy for the app