GTTM Time-Span Tree Editor

The GTTMeditor app is an editor used to analyze music structure. The app enables users to view music score files in MusicXML format and edit the time-span tree in GTTM theory.



The app displays music score files in MusicXML format. The GUI panel controls zooming, the length of the time-span tree branch, the margin between the branch and the score, and the color of the branches. A MusicXML file made from a one-part music score that has one voice or multi voices can be analyzed in the app. When the music score is loaded, the branches are displayed above each note. Crossing a branch to another branch connects the children branches. Connecting the branch to another branch makes a link. Moving the parent branch of the linked branches moves the children branches, and moving the child branch disconnects it and its children from the parent branches. Branches can be connected in random order. When the connected branches match the applicable pattern of the Cadential Retention, the GUI panel enables the egg shape of the Cadential Retention to draw the cadence. The download button stores time-span trees in JSON format. Existing XML formatted time-span tree files are converted to JSON.

You can download MusicXML(MSC) on this page: GTTM Database .

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