News-2022 March

Tetsuya Komuro joined RIKEN AIP Music Information Intelligence Team as Senior Visiting Scientist.
New content: Wild Birds in Fukushima by the National Institute for Environmental Studies.
3 new iPad apps released and 1 re-released.
Featured in TV Tokyo’s “Tankyu no kaidan”.

Musician Tetsuya Komuro has joined RIKEN AIP (Center for Advanced Intelligence Project) Music Information Intelligence Team (Team leader: Masatoshi Hamanaka) as Senior Visiting Scientist. In addition, the team has updated SoundScopePhone, an iPhone app, with a new bird call content provided by the National Institute for Environmental Studies. The team has developed and released three new iPad apps, and one app has been re-released. The team will be introduced on TV Tokyo’s “Tankyu no kaidan”.

Tetsuya Komuro joined RIKEN AIP Music Information Intelligence Team as Senior Visiting Scientist

Musician Tetsuya Komuro has joined RIKEN AIP (Center for Advanced Intelligence Project) Music Information Intelligence Team, which has been developing an AI-based composition support system, as Senior Visiting Scientist.

  He will explore how AI can be used to support music production through experimental use of the systems that is being researched and developed by the Music Information Intelligence Team.
For the past 18 years, Masatoshi Hamanaka, team leader of the Music Information Intelligence Team, has been working on GTTM (Generative Theory of Tonal Music), a theory for analyzing the structure of music, and has studied melody morphing methods to find an intermediate melody between two melodies by using mathematical operations. In recent years, the use of AI has dramatically improved the performance of music structure analysis by GTTM, bringing us closer to the practical application of melody manipulation based on music structure.

Tetsuya Komuro supervised all aspects of the Yamaha EOS series synthesizers, including body design, basic concepts, and the creation of preset voices, to make synthesizer sequencers operable for the general public, which at the time required special expertise to operate. Also, he has provided feedback to the development process by using the system as a user. In addition, at a time when dedicated hard disk recording machines did not exist, he realized digital recordings by utilizing the sampler function of "Synclavier,” a cutting-edge music production environment that integrated an FM synthesizer, sampler, mixer, and sequencer.
The huge number of songs produced by Tetsuya Komuro have already been analyzed by GTTM.



New contents
Wild Birds by National Institute for Environmental Studies and more

We have added new contents on the SoundScopePhone app.
– “Wild Birds”: sounds of wild birds in and around the evacuation area of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, recorded by the National Institute for Environmental studies Japan, Biodiversity Division, Fukushima Regional Collaborative Research Center .
– “Metal Spirits 2022”: composed by Daisuke Hashimoto (guitarist, based in Shiga)
You can download the new contents by updating the app.

Photos :LINK


New release
SoundScopePad: VR concert experience

SoundScopePad provides an active music listening experience using AI, virtual reality (VR), and spatial acoustics. Users can find the performer that they want to hear and focus on them by emphasizing their performance.

SoundScopePad: LINK
Photos: LINK


New release
MusicScopePad: Video exploration using AR

MusicScopePad is a tool that allows you to quickly find a video you want to watch by playing multiple videos at the same time in AR space. When you launch the app, multiple videos will be presented around you, depending on the orientation of your iPad. A video can be selected by searching for the video you want and pausing in that direction to listen. Video exploration can be an enjoyable experience using AI, augmented reality (AR), and spatial sound.

Put on your earphones or headphones and press the play button in MusicScopePad. Then, ten videos will start playing around you. You can see five at a time on the iPad screen, and if you move the iPad left and right around you, you can see the videos to the right, left, and behind the screen.


MusicScopePad: LINK
Photos: LINK

Supervised by Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks)


New release
MelodySlotMachineHD: Melody variation switcher

MelodySlotMachineHD is an application developed by RIKEN towards the integration of music and AI. You can  create new melody combinations by rearranging melody variations using a slot machine. When you compose a melody with variations, the structure of the melody is analyzed using a theory of music known as the generative theory of tonal music (GTTM). Even if the melody switches variations in the middle, the overall structure will not be disrupted. You can expand the possibilities of composition with MelodySlotMachineHD.

MelodySlotMachine: LINK

ShakeGuitarHD: app based on a melody morphing method

ShakeGuitarHD enables users to enjoy the simulated experience of guitar playing, even if they are musical novices.

ShakeGuitarHD: LINK

TV-Tokyo “Tankyu no kaidan”

Tankyu no kaidan by TV Tokyo introduces the Music Information intelligence Team, including the MelodySlotMachine and the SoundScopePad.


◆TV Tokyo 3 March (Thu) 22:58~23:06
◆BS TV Tokyo 12 March (Sat) 21:55〜22:00
(Available allso on TVer)

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