BandNavi: Artists discovery system using member change information

We describe the technique for automatically constructing the network which indicates the relationship between bands and musicians from the Web pages. And we also present the applications of the network for the recommendation and the classification of bands. The relation between bands and musicians make complex network structures according to the repetition of member change and appearance of the guest musician. We constructed the network by automatic acquisition of member name from Web pages collected by using Google Search API. In addition, we defined strength of the relations between bands from the number of duplication of members by using the constructed network. And we attempted to construct  systems of the recommendation and  the hierarchical clustering of bands.

A band-member backtracking application called BandNavi, BandNavi HD are available on App Store, which enables a user to discover new songs and bands by tracing musicians who have played in different bands.

▲Band Network



▲A network on a time line


▲Searching system for bands

▲Grouping of bands


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