GTTMeditor Terms and Conditions to Download

GTTMeditor functions as an editor that analyzes musical structure.
You can create a musical score from a MusicXML file and edit a time-span-tree based on GTTM theory.
You must agree to these Terms and Conditions before downloading this software.

  1. GTTMeditor Terms and Conditions

    The user (also referred to as ‘you’), whether an individual or a company, is allowed to use GTTMeditor (also referred to as ‘the software’ or ‘this software’) under the following Terms and Conditions.

    1. The use of the software is free. However, the user has to prepare his/her own hardware and means of data communication.

    2. We do not guarantee the rightness, accuracy, up-to-dateness of the information, validity, reliability, or legitimacy of the software. We do not guarantee that this software is free from violating the right of another party. This software will not be always updated in the case of malfunction.

    3. The user is responsible for downloading, installing, using, and updating this software.

    4. We might change part or all of this software and our service regarding this software anytime without notice. We might stop distributing or updating this software anytime without notice. The user shall be responsible for any losses such as GPS malfunction or a reduction of data communication speed that may occur through the use of this software.

    5. We may change our Terms and Conditions on this page without any notice. If the user continues to use the software, we assume that he/she has agreed to the new Terms and Conditions.

    6. The distribution of this software does not mean the transfer of copyright or other rights. The user is not allowed to copy, adapt, or change this software. Reverse engineering, reverse compiling, reuse, lending, and distributing with or without counter value, and the use of this software for commercial purposes, are all prohibited. The user is only allowed to download and install this software on his/her own hardware and use it in accordance with the intended purposes.

    7. The user may not violate the rights or profits of the third party by using this software. We are not responsible for damage caused by the user to the third party.

    8. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan without regard to conflicts with laws or rules of any other jurisdiction. Every dispute concerning the interpretation or effect of these Terms and Conditions and/or your use of the software must be resolved in the courts situated in Japan. You agree to the personal jurisdictions, subject matter jurisdiction, and venue of these courts.

If you agree to the Terms and Conditions above, you can download the software from below.